Spiritual / Power of the Heart


Spiritual / Power of the Heart

What is spirituality ? What is the soul ? Many people have learned and brilliant writing volumes and volumes of the elements of soul and spirituality . The problem is their writings are difficult to understand . Do we understand that every soul is the essence of each individual ? Soul contains a complete blueprint for every individual on this earth . Do we appreciate that spirituality is an individual’s relationship with a power greater than human power on earth , with the Cosmic world ? Are we to understand that truth , dignity , integrity , faith , hope and love are the main ingredients of spirituality ?

Many people confuse organized religion and spirituality . Organized religions that grouping individuals who usually have a defined set of doctrines or beliefs along with regular worship practices . Spirituality is the practice of love-based attitudes are integrated into one’s daily life . Spirituality practiced by the individual . These attitudes can be shared with others , but does not require grouping organized for their practice .

About 25 years ago a lot of people find their experiences with organized religion leave them feeling empty and hollow . It does not respond to their needs in relation to the universal power , nor does it give them a sense of who is connected with the universal power . I would use the word God to describe this power . Others use the words of God , Buddha , the Great Spirit , the Spirit of Universal and many other names . No matter what words are used . What is important is that humans are connected to the Universal Spirit that gives them a sense of purpose , values ​​and beliefs and make people feel loved and wanted and needed . It has been said that atheists are often people who have unresolved father issues seriously . Therefore , they can not have the concept of universal power which is often referred to as the perfect fatherly love . Confidence in this paper integrates the inherent belief as the central philosophy of Universal Power .

Many religions that grew up with the fear -based , with the concept of reward and punishment in the center of their philosophy . They portray God as vindictive and at times savage . They make this power into God’s Cosmic fear and not love . Acceptance of the human condition , and human imperfection is not seen as something to be accepted , but as something that had to be changed because of embarrassment . The development of self-esteem and God in not a priority . Religions emphasize the negative rather than a positive development .

In the past 25 years , many have left the organized religions . Fire and brimstone old can no longer frighten people to be good and they stopped active participation in religious organizations . As a result , many new religious practices began and many sects have begun to fill this void . Old religion has tried to revitalize themselves , to become more involved in the daily lives of its members , providing love , comfort and support . Some succeed and some fail . For many people today , spirituality has become a direct and personal relationship with the God of the universe Cosmic without membership in a religious organization .

We see God in many ways every day . We see God in nature , the birds and the flowers and trees . We feel the spirits of nature , mother earth and their sanctity . Many closely related to indigenous spiritual beliefs that respects nature spirits , animal spirits , spirits of plants and stones .. Many see God in a loving and caring person . Many people see God in a miracle of a newborn baby , so perfectly formed . Many see God in the face of a lovely old woman all furrowed and wrinkled and smiling gently . Many see God in the stars at night and the sun and moon . When some hear the wind and let the rain fall on their face , they feel God . For some God everywhere , to everyone , in a work of art , melodious music and the sacred writings .

Humanity needs to worship , to give thanks and pay homage to the Universal Spirit . I believe in the power of prayer . Spirituality must be active life . It is a mercy for those who have less , it is caring for those in need , it is a sharing of joy or sorrow . Humans have a basic need for worship and the result of ignoring this need can be in poor health . Live life without spirituality requires more and more of the material life to maintain a sense of emptiness at bay .

Worship can be very simple and can be done alone or with others . There are many practices that can be used as a form of worship to live a spiritual life . Some meditate , others dreamy , others walking in the woods , climbing and other canoe in the wilderness . Others make a special novena , says the Cross , or worship in the temples , mosques and monasteries . Other burning candles , incense or sage to disperse negative energy and purifies their environment and themselves. Others face Mecca and pray five times every day special . Some fast during certain periods of the year . Some singing and others sing . There are so many ways to worship , and each one has its own beauty .

To be healthy is important and you need to have a spiritual life . We need to have values ​​and beliefs that we live by and strive to achieve . These values ​​should be integrated into our work life , home life and social life . In the final analysis it is how we treat ourselves and others when no one is looking and no one knows about that tells about the spiritual life of the individual . Who respect and love mother earth which is a true reflection of the respect and love for yourself and others. An individual ‘s spiritual life is reflected in their relationships with themselves, their family , their friends , their colleagues , their communities , and the world at large . They are without spiritual life or spiritual life tend to be more fragmented fear , anxiety , anger and depression . Lack of spiritual life can lead to disease and illness .
Our Energy Agency :

We felt comfortable and safe to trust what we can see , touch, feel , taste and smell and quickly became uncomfortable with the concept of the things that we can not see , touch, feel , taste and smell . As a result we have difficulty with the concept of energy and the energetic nature and individual fields , objects and nature . But everything on this planet is made of the life force energy . Humans are made of energy . Plants , animals and rocks each have their own life force . Surrounded by a dense concrete objects and emit a fluid world permeated with energy . Thoughts and emotions have their own energy and vibration .

Every human being and every object on earth and in the universe is surrounded by and permeated by an energy field that is the electro-magnetic field . We call the auric field energy . Aura is composed of different colors or shades of colors and patterns invisible energy around people and objects . Many things can change the color and size of the auras include emotions , thoughts , food , pharmaceuticals , and electrical or magnetic emissions from human or natural sources . Therefore our energy field or aura that is constantly changing in color and shape .